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BLUE MOUNTAINS -Poetry by guest author Ron Micci

Updated: Jun 6

you know

well enough

dreams are like

blue mountains

climb them, but


look down

over your shoulder

the old men of mercy

drag their cumbersome sacks

by the time

you reach

the hitching post

sunk blue eyes disturb you

no, I’m sorry, that’s what

they tell you

will you listen

to a confusion of whispers

women’s soft breasts in silk

old shoes and salad bowls

there are no real voices here

only the pieces, unfinished

in the woods

where the blue mountains



Blue Mountains

by Ron Micci

BIO- Ron Micci is a prolific author of plays, screenplays, novels, et al., from the sublime

to the irreverent and all points in between, Ron Micci’s one-act plays have been

performed at First Stage in LA, and in New York at the Kraine Theatre, Theatre-

Studio, Producers Club, Times Square Arts Center, Riant Theatre, as well as in

conjunction with the New York Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival and the

Turnip Theatre Company's 15-Minute Play Festival.

They have also been presented in New Jersey at the Darress Theater, 1860

House (Montgomery Cultural Center), Lawrenceville Library, as well as in the Main Branch of the Canton, Ohio public library.

Acting editions of his grammar farce/crime drama Night and the Proofreader,

and his soliloquy Addie & Me are available from Brooklyn Publishers. Addie is

also available from Brooklyn’s affiliate, Heuer Publishing.

A wide variety of his work can be freely sampled on the Booksie website and


A former magazine editor and advertising proofreader, he has an avowed

passion for flutes, piccolos and detective novels, and an aversion to tubas, brass

instruments and things that go bump in the night.


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