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The site belongs to Stephanie Daich, who uses it to share her writing with others. She makes no money and volunteers many hours to give authors and artists a platform to share their craft. The rights to all works published remain with the submitting author/artist. This site won't be for everyone, and that's okay. Every author/artist has to determine what their needs are. However, for those who want a place to present their work, this gives them that opportunity.


  • Flash fiction (1,000 words or fewer)

  • Short fiction (under 2,000 words)

  • Poetry (up to five poems)

  • Faith focused

  • Memoirs


  • Disparaging pieces

  • Violence, excessive blood, or gore

  • Rape or erotica

  • No hate-related or bigoted (sexist, anti-religious group, anti-political party, racist, anti-LGBTQIA+, etc.)

  • Sexual content

  • Excessive swearing


  • There is no reading fee.

  • This is your work. Send it wherever you want. Please let us know if another publication picks it up.

  • We consider works published on personal blogs; otherwise, they must never have been published.

  • There is no payment for publication. This is a place to share your work for the love of writing.

  • Paste your work in the body of the email. We will not open attachments.

  • Send all submissions to:  phoenixzpublishing (@) gmail. (com)

  • Thank you!


Stephanie Daich

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(The band I am, playing the amazing songs by Eli Jenkins)

-Phoenix on Fire-
Find you spark!

Be true to yourself.

Find what energizes you and never let it go.

Pursue it.

Chase it.

Don't let it die!

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